What are the Penalties for Riding a Motorcycle without Insurance Coverage?

Riding your motorcycle may not always be dangerous; however, there is always a chance of a small accident or mishap, even though you may not be at fault. That is why having two wheeler insurance is a must at all times.

When you buy insurance for a two-wheeler, always select adequate coverage for your bike. While third-party insurance is mandatory, going for a comprehensive one is more helpful.

To understand this with an example, say you ride an Activa. If you get involved in an accident and damage others’ property, third-party insurance will cover the liability, but it will not cover the damage repair cost for your Activa. Only Activa insurance can take care of those expenses.

Now, let us find out what are the penalties for not having bike insurance at all.

 Penalties for Riding a Two-wheeler without Insurance

According to the revised Motor Vehicle Act of 2019, the following insurance fine for a bike will be applicable:

  • A fine of ₹2,000 rupees and/or a maximum jail sentence of three months will be levied for a first-time offence.
  • For repeat offenders, the penalty increases to a fine of ₹4,000 and/or up to 3 months in jail. Previously, the fine was set at ₹1,000.

If the traffic police or an officer stops you to check your vehicle, it is important to slow down and pull over to the side of the road. You will be required to present the necessary paperwork related to your vehicle and your driver’s licence. You can also choose to carry a soft copy of your bike insurance policy on your phone, which is acceptable in most cases.

If you have all the required documents and valid insurance papers, you will not face any penalties. However, if your two-wheeler does not have a policy or fails to present the required paperwork, you will be issued a challan or will have to pay a penalty for no bike insurance. The challan can be paid both online and offline.

 Why is Riding a Bike without Insurance Coverage Unlawful?

Operating a two-wheeler on a public road without valid insurance is illegal as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, as it is a mandatory requirement under the law. This is because, in the event that your insured bike causes damage to a third-party vehicle or property, a third-party cover will secure you against the financial and legal implications of these damages.

Third-party insurance also covers injuries to and the death of third-party persons. If you do not have a valid and basic third-party cover, you will have to incur the cost of these damages from your own pocket. In most cases, providing adequate compensation from your financial resources is impossible, which can result in further financial implications such as legal proceedings. Your bike insurance policy can cover all of these damages and keep you and your bike safe from a bike insurance penalty as well.

This is why having third-party bike insurance coverage is absolutely essential. The policy not only secures the damages caused to others and their property but also secures you against financial damages.

 Guidelines to Follow to Avoid a Challan While Riding a Two-wheeler

Now that you know the penalty for driving a bike without insurance in India, it is important that you also understand what other rules you should follow to avoid getting a challan. Some of them are:

  • Keep hard copies of all the necessary paperwork, including your driver’s licence, registration certificate, Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, and insurance document, in your vehicle.
  • Keep digital copies of these documents on your phone as well.
  • Make sure to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy before it expires.
  • Ensure that any vehicle you use on public roads has valid insurance coverage.
  • Always obey traffic laws and adhere to speed limits when riding a two-wheeler.

Other traffic rules also include not driving under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicants. This can lead to suspension of your driver’s licence and become a permanent blot on your driving record.

[Tip: If you have a comprehensive bike insurance policy, also add a personal accident cover to it. This can help you get coverage for injuries incurred during an accident or even compensate your family in the event of your unfortunate death.]


Not only is it unsafe to not have a bike insurance policy for your two-wheeler, but it is also a legal offence to be devoid of insurance coverage. It is always recommended that you have at least a basic third-party insurance plan when you start using your motorcycle. You can then select a comprehensive insurance plan at leisure and buy a policy of your choice with adequate coverage.

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