Why you should own a Tesla model

You may not have considered having a Tesla in your life but now that you’ve entertained the thought, it’s good you see why in this article. There’s always the chatter about how great a Tesla is but you’ll seldom see the ranking of some best things about this car model.

Here are some of the things you’ll find amazing about Tesla

Zero Emissions

Imagine how pollution has become a disturbing phenomenon. Buying a zero emissions vehicle these days is an absolute requirement. Environmentalists the world over are looking for solutions to pollutions and a perfect way is reducing the vehicle emissions. The Tesla model is powered by electricity.

Tesla Is A Safe Car

If you’ve kids and you love your family and friends, even yourself, then safety should be top on the list of the things you look out for in a car.  It offers excellent visibility with a giant backup camera to help you get a perfect view of the back. It also has sensors inbuilt so that when you’re moving from one lane to another, it makes a rumbling feeling like you’re driving on a pavement. That helps you keep to your lane unless it’s necessary for you to change. It’s an automatic lane changing feature which helps your avoid danger.

The Quality Of Driving

When it comes to the quality of driving, there’s no car that beats Tesla. From the great handling, quick acceleration to the smooth power train, the car is a joy to drive. You can also use autopilot and then you can turn it off for fun driving segments. You can even have it that way and enjoy the experience.

The Beauty

Who wants to own a car that they will be ashamed of upon meeting peers? The car is pretty, with a great design that would leave amazed at first sight. It’s truly a masterpiece- you’ll never get used to the beauty no matter how long you’ve stayed with the car.

There’s Always A Brand New Series

With Tesla, there’s always someone who’s thinking of a new design. Before you get tired of one type, then there’s another model coming. There are always new features and every time, you’ll be prompted to update it; you may think it’s another joke until you click update and it’s completed, then you can enjoy the new features. There’s always someone getting feedback on the performance of Tesla and thus coming up with the updates to improve it.

Free Fuel

Many owners of Tesla charge the car at home and they can enjoy the extreme experience. But if you can’t do that, then there are various charging stations where you can have it charged. The public charging stations are usually free.

But technically, you will have to pay for some supercharging at some point. Most of the chargers are hosted by stores, malls, and the city. Imagine driving a car for five months and you’ve spent $0 on fuel and charging; isn’t it amazing?

Tesla is one car that will make you feel like driving is part of the oxygen you should be breathing. The car’s design is superb and easy to maintain with zero cost on fuel. To spice it all, you’ve the Tesla Referral Code which you get once you buy any of their models. Referring other customers will give you a bonus that will make you enjoy the Tesla experience even more.

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