How Automotive Finishing Works and Its Recent Evolution

Automotive finishes have many functions, including protecting your car from minor damages to making it look amazing. Nowadays, there are so many types of finishes that one car model can look like a thousand.

Color, protection, type, application differ, and it’s worth consulting with a specialist before choosing a particular one. You should know what you need the finishing for, what kind of climate you live in, and more.

To help you out a little bit, we’ve written a brief guide to automotive finishes, technologies used for them, as well as the latest trends you need to know about. We’ll also talk about the importance of a high-quality finish.

More on Automotive Finish Technologies

Most people think about paint when they hear about automotive finishes. Yes, it’s responsible for the color (not all the time, there are other techniques). But it’s just one factor of the finish. If your car was covered with regular paint, you would have to repaint it every month.

Car paint has lots of chemicals in it that make protective features stronger. Regular covers are very vulnerable to weather conditions and mechanical damage. And your car will be in the sun for a long time; you’ll drive it in the rain and snow, hitting all kinds of debris.

The chemistry of automotive finish is rich. Besides, the application matters. Most manufacturers use robots nowadays to get the best coverage possible. Even one bubble can ruin the whole coat, so the job is better done by sophisticated tech.

The Latest Improvements of the Industry

When talking about paint, the biggest news is the new color palettes, glitter, or stronger components. But the most important advances are made for the protective coat that is applied on top of the paint.

Here are some of the most interesting improvements:

  • Nissan has a self-healing coat for its premium models;
  • Chevrolet applies a clear coat directly over vehicle parts in some models;

Resin has made it possible to create more protective automotive finishes. Their UV-blocking features are also worked on since the rays are destroying all surfaces little by little.

Why Is a Proper Finish Important?

The metals cars are made from are really strong. However, they will wear and tear over time. The harsher your climate is, the faster materials deteriorate. Paint and other protective coats help slow the process down a lot. All the parts of your car are protected with a coat. This might not be paint but a sealant. It creates a barrier between the damaging factors and the surface of your vehicle.

It’s much more than having a good-looking car.

We hope that after reading this guide you can make a more informed decision next time it comes to car finishing. A decent choice will make it look fabulous and be protected against weather damage.

Prolong the life of your car and make sure you can always be recognized on the road! Take responsibility for the condition of your car and you will be safer during every ride. Choose a company that will offer the best quality of materials and customer service.

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