Do you sometimes wish that your car smelled great, like when you first bought it? Car odors are sometimes unavoidable because the engine could generate a mildew smell that never goes away even after a thorough wash. Moisture naturally gathers on the cold air conditioning evaporator, and it may harbor mold that causes your car to smell stuffy. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to get rid of odor in your car so that you can drive with much-needed comfort. Let’s look at them.

Chlorine bomb for car

A chlorine bomb for car is a gas that uses chlorine dioxide to oxidize odors. It works like a fumigation system as it effectively reaches the tiny places that other odor elimination techniques cannot, leaving your car smelling fresh. It permeates the cushions, headliner, carpets, floor mats, visors, glove compartment, and all nooks in the car where odor tends to get trapped. A chlorine bomb for a car even clears out the car conditioning system’s mildew and musty stains from molds. It is a gas, so it infiltrates all the car’s corners to eliminate any bad smells.


Vinegar is one of the go-to products whenever you need to clean stains in your car. But did you know it is such an effective product for removing odors in your car? You can leave it in a small bowl overnight in your car, and by morning the smells will be gone. You can also spray the smelling areas with a mixture of vinegar and water. But note that vinegar is strong enough to damage parts of your car like carpet and leather seats if it spills.

Baking soda

Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, should be your first choice if you deal with vomit smells in your car. It helps remove stains and consumes the odor at the same time. You should clean and wet the sticky part, then pour some baking soda. Wait for some time, then vacuum the place. If you want to eliminate odor only, you can put the baking soda in a sealed container with some holes on the top and place it in your car. That way, it serves as a natural deodorizer.


Charcoal is nature’s toxin absorber. Just like it can filter water, it can also be used to filter out odors from your car. Activated charcoal is good at absorbing any odor floating in the air. You can leave an open container of charcoal briquettes in your vehicle throughout the night, and by morning the odor will be gone.

Carpet cleaners

Most of the spills and odors in your car end up on the carpet. Always use special carpet cleaners to clean your vehicle. You can find these products in an auto shop. Note that some of them are harsh than vinegar and require dilution before use. They can help keep away odor from your car.

Air fresheners

The last way to maintain your car smelling fresh is to use air fresheners and other fragrances after deodorizing it. But only use the freshener when the bad smell is gone. You cannot cover up bad smells with pleasant ones. First, deodorize your car, then use air fresheners.

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